The 4 World’s Youngest 2015 Billionaires

1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook – 30 years old

Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout who started the business and built up the behemoth we know today. And he hasn’t stopped there. He keeps growing, purchasing new businesses and investing more money, and in total, he’s worth around $33.4 billion, making him the 16th richest person in the world. Most of that made before he was even 30 years old.



2. Elizabeth Holmes – Blood Testing – 31 years old

While many parents would be furious if their daughter dropped out of Stanford, Elizabeth Holmes actually owes her fortune doing just that. With the money she saved up for college, she invested in a business she founded, Theranos, which is a blood testing lab that is far more cost effective than many of the commercial labs that are currently out there. And it appears to be a good investment, as her company is estimated to be worth $9 billion – of which Holmes owns a 50% stake in.

Holmes is not only one of the youngest billionaires in the world, she’s also the youngest female self-made billionaire.


3. Bobby Murphy – Snapchat – 26 years old

Bobby Murphy is the son of two state employees, and was a senior at Stanford University when he got together with a buddy and created SnapChat. Murphy was studying mathematics and computation science when he, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown, all members of Kappa Sigma fraternity, got together and created an app they originally called Picaboo. That app flopped. Later on, Murphy and Spiegel would rebrand the app into what is now known as SnapChat, and because of that, he’s now worth $1.5 billion – at just 26 years old.


4. Evan Spiegel – SnapChat – 24 years old

It’s hard to imagine graduating college and going straight into a CEO role, but Evan Spiegel almost makes it look easy. Partnered with number two on our list, Spiegel and Murphy hit it big with their photo messaging app, Snapchat. Spiegel was studying product design at Stanford University when he met Murphy at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. As mentioned before, their initial app named Picaboo was a failure, but when they later rebranded it as Snapchat, it took off. In a very big way. Spiegel turned down a $3 billion buyout from Facebook, and other offers came in valuing the company at $19 billion. But Spiegel isn’t interested in selling the company, saying that very few people ever get to own a business like this and that selling it for a short term goal wouldn’t be “very interesting.” Spiegel is valued at over $1.5 billion, making him the youngest billionaire in the world right now.


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