4 Things Every Child Needs To Hear From Their Father

3. “I believe in you!” Much like building a skyscraper of self-esteem with “I’m proud of you,” letting our children know how much we believe in them also builds mountains of self-confidence. We live in a world that tears our children down everyday, and makes them believe that they will never succeed at anything. Unfortunately, they begin to believe this. A father’s belief in his children can change all of this.

You and I become a forcefield of sort, that surrounds and protects our children as they walk through a cold and broken world. My 12-year-old daughter likes to perform in musicals. In fact, she has been in six straight shows since September of 2013. She has a voice that could rival any you see on The Voice. But she keeps getting passed up for lead roles. It’s defeating. Our hearts break for her every time the list is posted and she’s in the ensemble. One of the things that we do routinely is let her know how much we believe in her. We tell her how talented she is and how we would have chosen her for a role. We’re not blowing sunshine in her ear. We’re realists and we never sugarcoat anything. But we let her know how much we believe in her. It makes a world of difference and has helped her to keep going in-spite of rejection.

4. “I’m in your corner!” If believing in your kids had a close cousin, “I’m in your corner” would be it. Through the ups and downs and defeating moments of life, our children need someone who’s on their side, even when everyone else walks away. Dads- this is where you and I come in. Your children and mine need us in their corner, believe in them, cheering for them, and lifting them up, even when the world tells them they’re not good enough. A strike out? Stand in their corner. A college rejection? Stand in their corner. A close friend stabs them in the back? Stand in their corner. They try something new and unknown? Stand in their corner. Let them know you are in their corner regardless of the curve balls life throws at them. 

The influence of a father surpasses nearly every influence in this world. That’s why it’s so critical that we are involved in our children’s lives. But more than that—it’s critical that our children hear our voice of encouragement, belief, pride, and love! 

It’s easy to get busy and lose sight of this. In fact, I go through times where I forget to speak words of encouragement and I justify it by thinking that my children already know. They do, but they need to hear it from me over and over again. Your children need to hear these words from you as well. So, what are you waiting for?

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