I NEED ADVICE: Woman Wants To Throw Her Daughter Out Of House For Threatening Her Relationship With Men

What is your advice to the girl?

A Nigerian man relocated to the United States of America and married a woman there. They had four children together before the wife decided to divorce her husband and collect child support from him.

The father has moved back to Nigeria and started a new family. His ex-wife is enjoying their property and money, communicating freely with other men.

Now she wants her seventeen-year-old daughter out of the house, as the girl allegedly disturbs her mother’s boyfriend who currently lives in the house. The woman even wants to take the girl to court. Apparently, the girl has grown up quite nicely and blossoms further every day, so her mother sees her as a potential threat to her own relationships. The father supports his children financially but hasn’t had much contact with them since the divorce.

What do you think the young girl should do? Her American mother is about to kick her out of the house, her Nigerian father lives abroad and doesn’t want her. Can you advice something?

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