5 Things You Dont Know About Getting Married

The thought of being a wife to a very lucky man may have popped into your head a number of times, mostly when you watch wedding show. Every woman has imagined how her wedding will be like since she was a little girl,most of us want a fairy tale wedding, it may look like a fantasy that is improbable, but a wedding in itself is a fairy tale come true. But before you get married for the sake of having your dream wedding,  look at. the pros & cons. It may come as a shock to many to learn that not every woman wants to be a bride. Women too have commitment phobia and the mere mention of the word is enough to send them into a panic.

Here are some factors that can manipulate your decision, and.how you can avoid it.

1. My best friend got married

When one of your girlfriends is saying I do, you may feel doubtful about yourself. However, don’t let this push you into saying ‘yes’ if you are not emotionally ready for it. Marriage is a big decision, and it’s important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages. before you jump into it.

2. We have been dating for years:

The fact that you and your boyfriend have been in a relationship for many years does not automatically make you the next couple at the altar. He my have asked you to marry him and you want, more than anything, to day yes. Have a discussion with him and let him know that you need more time to prepare  Talk to him and explain that you need more time to prepare yourself to be a wife and both of you have to agree on several issues that will come up after the wedding.

3. My parents are pressurizing me

Most of our parents want to see us get married, they crave grandchildren and even though they desired you to finish school and be a successful woman, when all that is done, they silently say, it is time you introduced someone. Don’t let them make you settle for just anyone.Do it when you are ready and at your own time.

4. Your biological clock is ticking

It may have come from your friends, family or relatives. The pushing and insinuating that time is running out. Your young sisters may be married already but that should not make you feel ashamed and desperate. Look into your finances and job security before you decide on anything.

5. Marriage will solve my problems

It is almost laughable to think that anyone will think like this. If your life is going downhill for some reason, maybe you are not enjoying what you do career wise,you are at odds with your friends or you are just not happy, marriage will not make anything fall into place. No one and nothing like marriage will better your life in that way. You will bring your frustrations into a blessed marriage and to an innocent man,  that will turn into a huge mess in no time. Sort out your issues instead of transferring them. Because you are going to destroy not only you but everything in your wake. Once your mind is at peace, you can plan your marriage.

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