Dating For Women: 10 Lovely Ways To Find A Date

1. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

Step one: start talking to guys! That may sound a bit simple, but you can get so tied up with nerves, because you know you are looking for a date, that you shy away from talking to anyone. Don’t think of every encounter with a man, as a potential for date, think of it as a possibility for making a new friend. Wherever you are, a coffee shop, a library or standing in line in a store, say hi to a guy, and start up a conversation. You never know, the next man you start talking to could be your next date.

2. Join some clubs

Singles clubs are not the only place to find a date, how about a dance class, swimming club or a yoga class? Choose some clubs or classes that really interest you and then, when you do meet a guy there, you will be off to a great start with a common interest you can share.

3. Look for him in the supermarket

The shopping mall or supermarkets are actually great places to meet people, if you are willing to talk to them. With a little bit of detective work, it’s easy to spot the single guys too by what they have in their shopping. The guy who has diapers in his shopping basket is probably not your best bet, so look for the one who looks like he is buying food for one.

4. The water cooler at work

You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to have found love in the office, so keep your eyes open at the water cooler too. It’s so easy to start a conversation with someone you work with, even if you don’t really know them. It’s also easy to find out what the gossip is about him too, before you go back and try and catch him at the water cooler again tomorrow.

5. Go out on your own

If you have a favourite restaurant or café, then there is nothing stopping you going out for a meal on your own. Single guys dine alone too, so you can either wait for him to make a move, or make the first move yourself. The worst that could happen is you get a bit of company for the veining.

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