How to Get the Girl You Already Knows Attention

You know the girl, but you still find it hard to get her attention due to one reasons or the other, it is  not only you that this happen to, it happen to many guys and many are able to find their way around it and make the girl like them. So also you too can get her attention and make the girl like you.

I will be sharing with you right now, just 4 solid tips that will help you get the girl you already know attention and make her like you.

Tip #1 to get the girl you already knows attention, is to compliment her.

Everyone love to be complemented or don’t you? If you agree, then, use good compliments to get to her heart. Good complement can easily give you way girl’s heart. Girls never forget a genuine and appreciative compliment, just keep it genuine and don’t act it on false pretense. If you want to get girl attention and make her think of you, tell her something nice but lace it with a sexual remark. [Read: Rules For Going Back To Your Ex]

Tip #2 to get the girl you already knows attention, is to be gallant around her.

Behave like a real guy around her. Show that you’re dependable guy and make see you as someone she can feel protected around. When a girl feels safe around you, she’ll love spending time with you. It is necessary to note that, your intention is not to be her friend and so, don’t get into her friend zone by accepting every of her demands or behaving like a rug around her. Always respect yourself and stylishly reject some of her request.

Tip #3 to get the girl you already knows attention, is to Make her laugh.

It’s all about humor, when you show sense of humor before a girl, she begin to notice you’re your cheerful approach toward her will tilt her toward you even without her completely aware of it, it’s natural to subconsciously relate to someone who make us laugh. You don’t need to behave like a clown though. Just be yourself and bring humor out of circumstances around you. [Read: How to talk to girls and win them over]

Tip #4 to get the girl you already knows attention, is to make her like you without asking her out.

If the feelings are right, don’t ask her out or offer your love for her just yet. When you ask a girl to go out with you, you’re putting her in a spot. And once the question comes out of your mouth, you can’t look back. If she’s not ready to date you for some reason, she may even end up avoiding you or feeling awkward around you. Instead, focus on making her fall in love with you first. [Read: Flirting question to ask any girl and turn her on]

Once you recognize what really matters when it comes to making a great impression with girls, how to get the girl you already knows attention will come to you in a natural way, as long as you remember these 4 tips, you’re on your way in getting her attention.

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