7 Signs Your Partner is Not Husband Material

It’s hard to tell whether your boyfriend is going to be the type of husband you can count on when push comes to shove. Here are random signs that your boyfriend is a keeper or rather a husband material kind of guy.

  1. He is not jealous– a guy who is not husband material will not understand that you do not become blind to the attractiveness of others just because you are in a relationship. He distrusts you too.
  2. He is allergic to keeping promises– he can’t keep two…one…or any promise. He is always promising to call you but he does not. If your boyfriend cannot keep is promises, do not expect him to be there when something happens to you and you really need him.
  3. He has cheated on you several times– if he has done this to you several times, he will probably cheat on you again and again and your trust will be gone.
  4. Abusive in nature– he has hit you once. If he did this to you, he definitely has an anger management problem and you do not want to get married to a moody and high tempered person.
  5. He is a drug addict/alcoholic– he smokes a few blunts every day. He cannot have fun while sober. You need to think it over.
  6. He is a douche– he picks on you and embarrasses you in public.
  7. He is rough on people– he makes nasty and offensive jokes. He is not polite. No one wants to stay with a man who ruins your moods every time he opens his mouth to speak.

11 thoughts on “7 Signs Your Partner is Not Husband Material

  1. Hello guys.. Pls I want u to advise me on wat to do..
    Wen I discovered my boifwend was cheatin on me den I asked him abt d lady he said dey dated dah it was wen we strtd datin she came back and there is nothing he could do Dan to accept her back den I asked him to choose between me and her he said since he’s not ready to get married dah he can’t do dah den I told dah we should breakup dah I can’t be dating someone I know is cheating on me his response was “if dah wat suits you den I wish u well”. He’s back begging me to come back den I asked him about the oda lady he said she’s dating someone else, and to say the truth I stil love him….. Pls I don’t know wat to do

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