When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in Relationship

As always, relationship is not a do or die affair, though it can be painful, when you’ve believe with all your might, that this particular relationship you are in, is the one that will take you to the promise land. But you should understand that oftentimes, one of you may get irritated with the behaviour of the second person. And it can bring up argument between both of you often, and in most cases, you don’t resolve this issue.

It is expected that, the coming together of two persons, to unite in relationship and work as one is not always easy. It may be nice at the beginning of the relationship and at which time, you seem not to see any of the things you may latter on consider not too good to be part of your partner.

Now how do you get rid of these attitudes, or how do you communicate it with your partner and make him or her realize your uneasiness with such attitudinal behaviour. To some persons, it is easy for them to accept change and amend their behavioral pattern, but to some, it takes a lot of effort from partner before they can accept changes. The question here is that, how patiently can you wait to correct your partner for certain behaviour, that doesn’t work well with the way you want to live your life in relationship?

Now, before you should consider to let go of your partner in relationship, it is always advisable not give up too soon from the one you love, and that is if truly you love him or her. As no one is perfect, you’re coming to each other’s life to help or rather assist one another to fill in those imperfections, with your own area of life that can perfect or near-perfection to your lover imperfection.

The more you grow together in your relationship, the more you will understand each other as to what this person want and want the other person don’t want. But if after all of your patient, things aren’t working out the way you expected it to be, the relationship is going toward south end direction, you love doesn’t seem like enough anymore, when what you’re giving is not being reciprocated and when it hurt you more than it helps you. IT IS TIME TO LET GO

Remember that, a broken relationship is much better than a broken marriage (100% times). People always think that the most painful thing is losing the one you love in your life. The truth is, the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, forgetting that you are special too.

I will love you to share your experience with me here using the comment box below, what is your thought concerning letting go of partner that doesn’t appreciate your effort in making your relationship work? Perhaps you don’t have such experience, when should you let go of your partner in relationship, that doesn’t care how much effort you put into that relationship so that it can work. Please like my Facebook Fan page below if you enjoy this article.

16 thoughts on “When Should You Let Go Of Your Partner in Relationship

  1. Really find this really interesting and will like you to advice me about what to do.
    my gal friend is someone that has a lot of pride and she is not the type that apologies easily.
    her pride is driving me nuts and i dont really know what to do about her, I love her though but i think like you earlier a happy marriage is better than a broken heart………

    Please I need your advise on what to do about her pride.

    • I will advise you to give her some time …. and also letting her know that you are the man, take some time and talk with her, let her know that what she is doing is not helping your relationship to grow … and when you do this continually, she will come to her sense someday.

  2. I ll love u 2 guid me in dis…….my grl frind is some1 dat lyks n wnt all a effort n appolog 2 b comeing 4rm me n me alone……….even whn she is wrong…..if I try 2 ask har most tym abt wia n how she will lyk or whn d love wich we bot share 2 go she will say dat she don’t knw…….even if she knw wat 2 say she ll kip it 2 har hopeing dat I ll bring out an idea…………2 god knws am tired of doing it and am abt 2 let go……..in d orda hand I love har xo much….cuz we ave bin 2gada 4 3yrz now xo I don’t whn 2 let go dat easy……..xo wht shuld I do

  3. My fiance is too stingy.. He doesn’t give… Each time I ask him 4 somtin, he promises but @ d end he will disapoint me.. Pls wat do u tink I shld do..cos I’m fed up. This is not d 1st neither is it d 2nd time..

  4. Plz advice me on my issue I love my husband so much nd he does not leave with me here he left me nd de kids for over a year plus now for de sake of love all he could do is to get married to third wife am going nut with his behaviour I need to go off from dis relationship he still telling me that he love me but he,s killing me inside am so hurt plz help me

    • A man or guy that is not able 2 provide d little tinz u need at present,can’not make provisions 4 u when u get married.Stingy is not-even d economist(those dat economise their time,money n resources 2 get d best out of them) ar not misers(stingy).seat him down and talk him-tel hm hw his stinginess is killin d relatnship.lastly,u need 2 pray 4 God 2 take dat habit.

  5. its a long story. well I love him. I got him cheating last year in his house he didn’t apologize. he was angry I didn’t call before. visiting.
    we departed till this year April he apologize in a funny way which I accept. but the problem am having is dat. he is not caring. he doesn’t even call. if I ask for money if always give excuses about his family. and by the time I get angry he will start begging like crazy. we r four year old now. he was very caring and helpful in 2011 to 2013 he changed. am confuse I love him. am now trying to let go

  6. a need u advice .i have a girlfrnd bt wen we make appointment she disappointed mi .i love her . bt i .ve heard someone on hz 4ne caling her .more dan i can talk 2 her 2 aday .even .we make no sex .she denierd .plz am in bad situation. she iz hurtin m

  7. I am confuse right now .my husband is always asking me to pack out of his house whenever we av any misundersting.pls wat should I do.and I have boy for him

  8. Pls help me, i’ve been having a problem in my relationship that has to do with infidelity. My bf accused me of having another person. I swore with everything I could swear with and he later called to say he’s forgiven but there is no improvement. The worst part of the whole issue is that he used to receive a call that seems to be special to him. What should I do?

    • i will advise you to give him a break and move on with your life, you can just depend on him to show you all the care and love you need. just carry on with your life and with time you gonna scale tru…

  9. It’s important to let go when all efforts prove abortive, but my main concern is in a full marriage scenario when after marriage, partners begin to see unbearable errors within 1yr. When is separation necessary?

  10. ave been in this marriage 4 7yrs n we dated each other for 5yrs n am blessed with two wonderful kids but my husband is like a sore in my heart, he’s cheating on me.he has so many mistress that he doesn’t denied it and he normally bhost of his girlfriends.there is nothing I do that he will’nt complain about.whenever I want to do any business or job he will refuse and this is killing me. I can do anything on my own.but since last week I have been going for a training without lettn him no about it bcos have already told but he’s refusing to let me go.whenever I try to complain he normally tells me to leave his house if know am fed up.what should I do

  11. We have been dating for 4mnth and we always fight Bt this time around he aid it to my me that I should go that he has reconciled with his old girlfriend and he dnt need me again and that am too expensive for him to take care of and my vaginal is too wide for him and his no longer enjoying his sex life wit me

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