Not All Ladies Are The Same

In the past years I used to misjudge ladies. I could say that all ladies are the same. I never had proof about that because I had not even dated half of the ladies in my Country. I just had that mentality in me. I could think that all ladies are after money and material things. This made me not to take relationships so serious but all the time I could pray to God to help me find someone who wasn’t after earthly things. God answered my prayers and made me land on that girl. She was there for me in everything. She could sacrifice anything little she had for me. She wasn’t demanding at all. She was so patient and understanding. She just loved me the way I was.

But when I got into the relationship with her, I relaxed so much. I stopped doing the small meaningful things that helped me to get her. Within no time the sparkle in our relationship disappeared. The relationship turned out to be meaningless boring and eventually it was a terrible break up. I did all my damnedest to make it work but it was all in vain. It was too late for me to make things right. Her decision of dumping me was final. What hurt me the most is that she never told me why she chucked me? At least she would have opened up to me so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes. She just changed all over a sudden. The great love we had for each other, the moments we had shared and the promises we had made to each couldn’t make her stay with me. She just left me for someone else.
But however much she broke my heart, I thank her for coming in my life. She gave me a lesson. She made me understand what true love is because she could love me unconditionally. She made me realize that ladies aren’t the same. I got to learn how to get over a breakup. She made me realize what ladies want and how to care about them. She made me discover my weaknesses and I got to know the real me. She made me understand that sometimes I have to be my own hero…I learnt a lot from her.

So fellas, stop saying that all ladies are the same. They are so different in many things. Not all ladies are after money and material things. Some ladies have true undying love and they aren’t demanding at all. They just need a few things from us. They like those small things because they mean a lot to them and they take the biggest space in their hearts.

If you want to make your girl happy, don’t think of robbing a bank. Use the little you have got and be creative with it. Be committed to the small things and your girl will love you more. Compliment her when she’s smart, hug whenever she needs it, call on her just to know how she’s doing and to hear her melodious voice, text her a good morning or a goodnight message and don’t get so irked when she doesn’t reply you in time. What matters here is that she has read it. Send her a small lovely chit, introduce her to your friends and family, give her small but meaningful gifts, don’t forget her birthday, and if she already has a child of some other man she got done with, love her kid. Help her in doing the domestic work; if she’s doing the laundry, clean the house. When you both have free time go out together, do some long walks and hold her hand, have fun with her. Crack some jokes and play with her. Be honest to your girl and tell her everything she needs to know, even it hurts but it will help her know the real you. Be loyal and be ready to commit to only her. Pay attention to her and make her feel like she’s alone. Be a good listener to her and avoid accusing her over false things. When you are in wrong accept you mistakes and ask for forgiveness, avoid being defensive.

Lastly but not the least always pray to God to help your relationship last forever. My dear brothers, maintain those few things and your relationship will be admirable by everyone.

PS: This is my own write up and it’s based on a TRUE STORY that happened in my life. My aim is not to hurt anyone’s feelings but just to inspire and motivate all my friends and fans out there. So don’t think otherwise of me…

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