7 Urine Colors That Can Tell You Important Things

Everyone knows that the color of normal, human urine is yellow, but many often notice that the yellow color of their urine often varies from dark to bright.Discoloration, bloodand murkiness can cause panic and alarm that there is something physically wrong with your organism. If this article is interesting enough for you, continue reading, because the facts are yet to come.

What is Normal Urine Supposed to Look Like?

The color of normal human urine can range from translucent yellow to amber dark. It is a sterile liquid that is expelled from the body and a product of cellular metabolism. Certain beverages you drink, diseases that you may be afflicted by and foods you eat can change the appearance of your urine. The cause of the amber to yellow color of the normal urine is the pigment called urochrome. Your urine is darker (amber) whenever you are not getting enough fluids. There’s often no cause for panic, if your urine is on the darker spectrum of what it should normally look like. All you need to do, is to drink more fluids, preferably clear water

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