Here’s What The Ordinary Salt Can Cure

Besides that we use the salt it in the kitchen, the salt can use as a medicament for many problems with the health.

Find out which health problems can be cured with this spice.

If you have throat pains

Make a mixture out of one spoon salt and 2,5 dl water and mix it till it melts. Make gargle a couple of times a day.

Burns in the mouth

If you’ve put something hot on the tongue make a mixture of half a spoon salt and 2 dl warm water, and then make gargle every hour.

For an ill and gentle jaw

Make a mixture of one spoon salt and 1 dl water and then make gargle as often as you can.


As a temporarily solution for reducing the pain till you get to the doctor wash your mouth with a mixture of one dl warm water, two spoons vinegar and one spoon salt.

Insect bite

The salt can reduce the pain and the swelling when a bee or some other insect bites you.

You can make a thick cream of the salt.

Put it on the place where the insect bitted you and leave it until it gets totally dry.

The salt will calm the irritation and will reduce the pain.

Allergy and sinus inflammation

The salt is a rescue for the irritated mucosa. Boil two to three dl water, add salt, enough for the water to be salty like the sea water. Wait till it cools down to room temperature, put it in a bottle for nose drops and twice a day spray it in your nose.

Swelled feet

Make a mixture that will reduce the swellings on the wrists and will relax your feet.

In a huge bowl put hot water and add around 4 spoons salt and a couple of etheric oil from lavender, mint or eucalyptus.

Leave the feet in the mixture around half an hour.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful revelation of uses of salt. I’ve sinus problem which has refused to respond to medications. I want to try with salt. I hope it will help me. Thanks once more.

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