Food for weight gain because It’s very common that we hear some one want to loose weight and everyone talk about the remedies and diet that helpful to reduce weight but what about to them those want to gain weight so don’t worry we are coming to take some tips to gain weight.

We hear if you want to increase your weight so take a heavy diet but, it’s not true because no need to take heavy diet but should be take a schedule diet I mean take right food and yes enough of them.

Fruit Juice

Drink fruit juice and energy drink for hydration process because it’s very necessary for human body. As a drink you can take 8-10 glass water. Fruit juice full of sugar and nutrients so it provide high level of energy.


Pasta is a very common food and you know it carry a rich amount of nutrients and carbohydrates so it’s provide a rich amount of energy .

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are very good food to gain weight easily because it contain high amount of nutrition as like fat , minerals, vitamins and provides a high amount of calorie.

Oat meal

Oat meal are good source of energy contain fiber that provides needy nutrients to the human body. so we can take it as a breakfast and make sure that body take full amount of energy.


As we know that banana is a great source of energy. It contains approximately 100 calories . so we can take 2 -3 banana with milk every morning but always remember after take it we need to do workout and exercise because they are also good for workout.

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