Ladies 3 Things That Affects Menstruation Flow – Please Read

As humans have different attributes, so does the menstrual flow cycle differ in women but one sure thing is that it occurs in every woman. However, there are some physical factors that play a huge part in determining a woman’s menstrual flow.Normally, the menstrual cycle should last for 21-35 days. But if your period flow stands between 22 – 30 days then you have to consider it seriously. Below are three things you should be aware of.

Exercise and Diet
If you’re the type that works more and eats very little, your estrogen levels will drop gradually, therefore assuming that your body is not ready for a pregnancy. Etstrogen  is a female steroid hormone that is produced by the ovaries. Also, a situation whereby the menstrual flow ceases or runs irregularly is known as Hypothalamic amenorrhoea.

In some cases, a very skinny woman is likely to miss her periods while heavy menstrual flow is associated with women who are too fat or overweight and this happens due to high levels of estrogen resulting to menometrorrhagia.

Birth Control
To those women who depend on birth control pills, maybe you should know that a negative effect of birth control pills is that it forces women into an artificial cycle and this happens when your body’s hormonal levels have been forced to quit its’ normal or natural exercise. In short, birth control pills manipulate the menstrual flow.

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    • Haven said this, what can also be the solutions to each of them. Many have fallen into 1 or 2 of the above stated unawell of the consiquence in order to control birth or other. Now dat they know of it , what can they now do?.

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