Safe way: Cure for prostate cancer

Do you think that something simply and cheap like baking soda can beat cancer? Then you are right, thousands of witnesses can approve this. Vernon Johnson is one of them. He successfully cured prostate cancer (fourth stage) with baking soda.

Vernon said that humans in the world dies from cancer because of the elevated toxins in all segments, contaminated water, and food.

One of the causes of death between people is low quality on products, stress that people are exposed and diseases.

“When Vernon vas diagnosed with cancer, I told him to rise the pH value in his body. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.” – said his brother Larry.

Vernon order cesium-chloride which upraises the pH value in organism because of his brother’s advice.

So with no fear and panic he performed his issue, despite the fact that specialists let him know that he can’t live much longer. Cesium-chloride which he requested was lost in delivery.

After that, he discovered another cure which is prepared from maple syrup and baking soda. He resulted with killing the cancer before the cancer kills him.

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