20 Sure-Fire Signs That You’re Dating The Man/Woman Of Your Dreams

Are you feeling the pressure from friends and relatives who keep asking when you’re going to tie the knot? After being together a while, all couples get to that stage where they wonder whether to take the next ‘big step’. We’re all on the hunt for the ultimate keeper– but how do you know if your partner is ‘the one’?
Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life, so it’s important to be sure. If you’re questioning whether you’ve found the person you should marry – here are 20 sure-fire signs that you’re dating the man/woman of your dreams.

1) They surprise you with your favourite things (without you having to prompt them)
We all love surprises – especially when hints haven’t been given! It doesn’t have to be anything excessive, but random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return go a long way. Perhaps you’ve got a favourite perfume or there’s a certain type of wine you love? If you come home and your partner already has this waiting for you, then they get top marks! 

2) You’ve accept their bad habits (and they accept yours!)
Nail biter? Knuckle crunchier? Your other half may have some pretty nasty habits, but if you 100% accept them without cringing or going crazy (anymore…) then looks like you’re their perfect match.

4) You don’t mind him/her seeing you at your worst
Jogging bottoms, messy hair, no makeup…and dare I say it, unshaven legs – ladies, if you’re prepared to let your man see you like this, then honestly, it’s a good thing rather than a bad thing. Boys, before you start disagreeing with this – being in your ‘comfort zone’ shows you feel at ease with your partner. It’s just important to make sure you still make the effort and don’t perpetually stay in this zone!

5) You’ve introduced him/her to your parents and they approve
Meeting the parents is a big deal. It’s daunting, (especially if your partner’s other half resembles Jack Byrnes from Meet The Parents) but it’s a huge step forward in any relationship, and shows you’re willing to let your partner in to your world. Bonus points if your Mum is as smitten with your other half as your are. They do say mothers know best!

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