6 Signs He is Getting Ready to Break up with You

He will soon break up with you if…

1. He becomes distant: When guys start being very distant unreasonably, watch it. He is detaching himself emotionally from you. It means that his mind is somewhere else and that maybe, he isn’t ready to keep his commitment to you.

2. He consistently does not bother to return your calls: Look! Any guy who is in love always returns his lady’s calls. When he stops caring, blocking you off is the first move. Guys block off every communication channel with the girl they are “done with” If you notice this, ask him why? The answers he will give you will help you know what he is up to.

3. Get inpatient with you: Guys tend to create a hostile environment to make the “expired chic” uncomfortable. They can start doing irritating things to get rid of you. Emotional torture can also be used to make you give up on the relationship. When they no longer want to continue in a relationship, they get frustrated and irritated by every little thing you do, that’s a break up in the making.

4. He no longer wants to be seen with you in public. He avoids anything and everything that will necessitate you being seen with you in public. He has mentally processed break up with you, and subconsciously acting it out by avoiding being seen with you in public events.

5. He purposely ignores you: When it is over, all you do is not appreciated. Guys tend to send out the “over” message by ignoring and treating you like trash. The best way to do it is to embarrass you publicly or walk out on you in the presence of his friends or the new girl.

6. He no longer cares about you: How you feel or what you are going through is least in his priority at this stage. This is a deliberate ploy for by adopted by Guys. Girl read the break up handwriting on the wall and zap.

Girl you deserve better. You are too precious to put yourself through all this torture. He is not worth it. Let him go.  If you notice these signs, and you discuss it with him and there is no tangible reason, my dear move on.

He just lost the best thing God had for him.

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