Can You Die From a Broken Heart: The Science Behind It

Don’t let this article make you think that you will suddenly drop dead from a broken heart, instead, use it to understand how to manage emotions, and subsequently, your personal health.
We are all familiar with the heaviness of a broken heart, but do we really know what is going on in the body? Would you like to know how to shake it off? Let’s get to it so you can start looking up!
In a study about breast cancer and the emotions, they state “It is a common fact that 90% of all illness is due to stress. Stress creates a cascade of physiological responses that affect our hormones and our Immune System.
In other words, if you have a stressed mind and heart, you will have a stressed body. A stressed body is more vulnerable to toxic overload, DNA damage and replication of unhealthy cells, i.e. Cancer.”
So, can you die from a broken heart? Like anything else, it’s possible, but you can prevent it easily.


Why do I feel so weird?

Are you ready to get all scientific about it? Hormones regulate the feelings in our bodies. The heart produces a hormone called oxytocin which regulates our moods and can make us feel like we are on cloud 9 or in the gutter, so to speak.
When we have a fight or breakup with our man, our body is filled with hormones that can cause physical symptoms. You may feel nauseous, tired or not be able to focus easily. These feelings are temporary and time lessens them dramatically.
“As part of our genetics as tribal creatures, we have chemicals that make life more pleasant when we are in a relationship and less pleasant when we are separated from our beloved,” says Joseph Hullett, MD.
If you ever have thoughts of suicide, it means your body is not responding well and you should not try to cope with it on your own. Always seek professional help if you have these thoughts or any reckless behaviors. People study these reactions we have, and they can help us in extreme cases. Remember, drinking is not a way to get over heartache. Alcohol is a depressant and will only make you feel worse the next day.

what if I didn’t feel anything? If you are surprised that you were completely unmoved by a breakup, you may just have been preparing yourself for it mentally or maybe your mind just really understood and supported your reasons for the breakup. If you feel like you should have been more upset, think about why you may be possibly suppressing your emotions.
It’s not good to push our emotions aside and act like we don’t have them for the sake of looking tough. This can also cause long-term health problems and is a leading cause of chronic pain. Allow yourself to grieve and let the tears come. Being strong is dealing with and facing your emotions so they don’t store in your body.

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