Can You Die From a Broken Heart: The Science Behind It

How do I know if my heart is broken?

Certain tests can be done for broken heart syndrome such as a blood test, an angiocardiography, an echocardiography, EKG or an MRI. Alternative healing methods to lower your stress and avoid the need to medicate involve restorative yoga (which helps reduce depression), massage, meditation, sound healing and aromatherapy.
Incorporating some of these into your daily routine to lower your heart rate and reduce stress is important, especially when you’re going through a stressful time.

How do I mend my broken heart?

Our mind and attitude are a key factor in healing from emotional toxicity as well. It can take half a year and sometimes up to two years to mend a broken heart, but really, no matter what, you need to do the emotional work so you can be sure not to repeat the whole process again.
“When people hold genuine core heart feelings such as appreciation or compassion, it naturally increases their heart coherence.”-The Heart Math Institute
When we sit and focus on positive emotions such as love, gratitude, compassion, joy, excitement and forgiveness, we start to change the electrical circuitry of our heart. The heart has four times the amount of electromagnetic frequency as the brain.
The Heart Math Institute has done a lot of scientific research to understand how the heart emits frequencies based on our emotional attitudes that affects our decision making more than the brain. There are over 40,000 neural connections in the heart and it greatly influences the brain, it can remember and store information. It has been called a second brain.

“The mind and heart feelings are energetic sources that underlie our thoughts and emotions. They are primary drivers of our biological systems.”-The Heart Math Institute
To learn more about creating coherence in your heart, watch this video and check out the Institute of HeartMath which has information that will help you learn how to take responsibility for your own energy. Here is a book which can help you overcome the feelings of depression and hopelessness that come with a broken heart.

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