Can You Die From a Broken Heart: The Science Behind It

Don’t be afraid to love again

Please don’t be afraid to love just because it can cause physical symptoms. Blocking ourselves to love can also create them. We must work on healing ourselves so we will stay open to love and open to learn.
We can only protect ourselves from the physical effects of stress by learning how to manage it, not avoiding relationships. Relationships that are healthy can keep us healthy too because the positive energy you put into the relationship will come from the positive emotions you generate in your body.
It is said that it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. We don’t learn and grow by keeping ourselves locked up in a cage. We will always experience some kind of a challenge, the goal is that in the process we learn from it so the next time we have better skills to avoid harsh learning lessons. Life becomes softer as we age because we gain wisdom and the ability to react maturely.

Realize everyone experiences this

It can help to open up to some people about your experience in a breakup. The more you realize you’re not alone in your struggle of heartache, the easier it will be to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Try to focus on keeping yourself surrounded by positive people and doing healthy things like eating well and exercising regularly.
You can overcome this with a little support from your loved ones and shifting your focus to taking care of yourself.
Finally, as a yoga teacher I must say I have spoken to many individuals that have used yoga to strengthen themselves or find their inner resolve to help get over heartache. Yoga helps to boost your immune system and balance your hormones. It helps you focus on positive emotions and release negative memories.
Combined with a healthy diet, it can not only help you overcome heartache, it can help many other aspects of your life. Your confidence will return and the more often you go, the better you will feel as the endorphins release in savasana (the final resting pose at the end of class).

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