The 5 Tips to Help You Recover From Heartbreak!

You’ve been through yet another failed relationship. You tell yourself, “I’ll never love again!”

And then you swear off love forever… until a new person walks into your life and you find yourself fantasizing about true love and what it would be like to date again!

You desperately want to find The One, but no matter how hard you try, no matter how many “I love yous” you utter, no matter how good you look or what you give, no relationship seems to last!

What does this mean? It’s time for a reality check…

Here are five tips to help you recover from a broken heart and find love again:

This time, you’ll know how to make the relationship last and how to end it and move on quickly, if necessary. You’ll also be in much better shape, if, and when, you do break up. Read below!

1. Don’t give away all your love to someone who isn’t The One.

And what I mean is to someone who hasn’t proposed marriage! When you give all your love away, without your partner having to do anything, like treat you with kindness and respect, make you feel special, take extra care of you, and finally to show HIS ultimate sign of LOVE … to marry you … then you risk getting hurt! Of course, we need to express love in relationships, and utter “I love yous” and do sweet things for our man, but we should also make sure we are doing it for the Right Man.

The Right Man who loves us, who puts us first and who wants us all to himself. The Right Man who proposes marriage because he can’t stand it when we’re away! The Right Man deserves all our love. But when we squander it on undeserving men, we run the risk of making our love cheap. Keep your man happy, and make sure he knows you do care. However, when it comes to expressing deep, sincere, undying love–well, make sure he feels the same and he deserves it!

2. Don’t build your life, your dreams, your hopes all on one person, no matter how much they say they love you…

The truth is…  Build a rich, full life for yourself, and when you find that Special Someone you can share your life with them. Sharing your life is different from building your life around someone else’s wants, needs or desires. Make a life you are proud of. Then extend your love and life to your partner. When you do everything in life based on another person’s preferences or what you think they might like, or with that person as your main motivator, you risk being devastated if the relationship or marriage doesn’t work.

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