The 5 Tips to Help You Recover From Heartbreak!

3. Keep your heart open!

If you break up and you’re hurt, what happens?

You tend to close your heart. You close it so tightly that no one can get in. You enter into relationships, but you don’t succeed because you anticipate another broken heart. Please remember this: When you close your heart you are doing more harm than good. Keeping your heart open allows you to experience life to the fullest. Closing your heart NEVER protects you from heart ache, ever. All it does is stop you from living and loving fully and brightly.

Let the past go. Approach all relationships, friendships, people and life with an OPEN heart. It’s a completely life-changing experience. Let love in.

4. The One doesn’t break you or ask you to change.

Nor do they forget your birthday or fail to make it to your special event. They don’t leave you in your darkest hour, they support you. The One rejoices in your love and complements your life path. When you meet The One, you still might have troubles or relationship issues. But it’s totally different from being with someone who isn’t The One. Keep your eyes open and don’t ignore red flags …

5. Heed your feelings!

If you ignore the Nudge to move on from a relationship, you risk wasting time and letting anger and negativity rule your life. When your partner shows you who they are and that person has done something to make you feel bad, or hasn’t cherished you, then you know he isn’t the Right Man.

Granted there are times when our loving partner makes us feel angry or sad or does something to unintentionally hurt us, but there is a difference. When it’s time to move on, there’s something inside of you that KNOWS! That something is a nudge. It’s a feeling.

It’s not based on logic, although sometimes it IS! It’s subtle. But it’s also your inner voice urging you to move towards the Right Man. It requires practice to heed your feelings, to listen to your gut intuition and to follow it, but it’s something we should all do because if we miss the signals… we can also miss out on some great opportunities! Not just in love, but also in our careers and in life in general. Tune inwards.

Follow YOUR heart. Think logically. But, always, always, ALWAYS remember that sometimes the best decisions are NOT logical ones, but ones made from the innermost part of your heart. Follow it.

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