Eye Opener – The Danger of marring your “Best Friend”

Be brave to make a decision…
Lose a relationship than losing a marriage. Most people know that their relationship is on the wreck but on emotional ground, they keep pushing it to the marriage line. People will still gather and celebrate your wedding even if you are not happy on that day but what is the wisdom of starting what has no good accomplishment? Its like taking poison to cure malaria. That is a worse approach to your problem. You mustn’t marry someone because two of you have known or dated in years. People would always say, ‘Marry your best friend’, but the truth is, your best friend could entirely not be your destiny. Don’t decide your destiny from your own mind. God created your destiny before you were born. You can always look up to Him. Don’t force a relationship into marriage because there is something you love in that relationship or you are tired of being single. If you do that, you will be tired of being married. A man once said, ‘I love her because she is sexy’ I bet him that soon, she will be sassy.

Most men have gone into marriage because a girl answers to their sex demand any time they wanted it. Someday, they be bored of sex and reason steps in. Then, they complain about their women for the rest of their life. A man said of his wife, ‘The only thing she knows is sex and nothing else. Who could live with such a failure? He is now asking but he never cared to ask the early time sleeping with her was his only purpose. Don’t throw away the future because today has something little in replacement.

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