5 Ways To Be Romantic To Your Woman

1. Send Her flowers Either at home or work

This is Should be done either on her birthday or on your anniversary, but doing it on any other day for no reason is also a great way to be more romantic. Women love flowers, but they love having the entire office know that somebody loves them. When a coworker walks by and asks what the occasion is, she can tell them that there wasn’t one. This will make her feel special and she’ll think about you all day while at work.

2. Prepare Her Breakfast

Making her breakfast  before she goes to work is a great way to be more romantic. Get up early and prepare her favorite breakfast. When she wakes up she will smell it cooking in the kitchen. This surprise will make her feel special and appreciated. She will surely wake up with a smile and leave for work happy that she’s with you. Not only will she feel appreciated by the gesture, she will appreciate you for taking the time to do something for her. THIS FEELS GREAT.

3. Make A surprise Date Arrangement

women love surprise and I think Most men know that. Surprise dates are very romantic. Surprise dates usually come at the beginning of relationships for a reason. They are fun and they can be very exciting. Call your woman while they are at work and tell them that you want to take them out for dinner. When they ask where, just say that it’s a surprise. This will instantly get them into a romantic mood. Now make a reservation at a a cool place that you have wanted to try or the first place you had dinner together.

4. Set Up A Hotel Room for special Night With Her

A great way to be romantic is to get a hotel room together in the heart of the nearest Place or even out of town. Sometimes a change of Place can bring a little romance back into the relationship. Go to the nearest restaurant and spend the night somewhere other than your own home. This will bring you closer and break up the monotony of spending the night in your bed.

5. Take A Day Trip With Her

Taking a day trip is a great way to have some alone time together as couples. If you live a couple of hours away from a beach or the mountains, you can easily wake up and take a day trip together. Being away from your every day life and hitting the road will bring you closer and allow you to spend quality time together rather than watching TV. Decide on a couple of places to stop during your day and have quality time together.

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