Few Steps To Make A Boy Fall In Love With You….

It turned out that there’s no BEST way to make a guy fall in love with you but in fact, there are actually a series of steps which, if followed correctly can make that guy you like, fall in love with you.

 Step 1 – Attraction:

This is the first and probably most important step. Almost 99% of the time, a guy’s interest can and will be started with attraction. If there’s no attraction, then the chances of that guy falling for you are pretty slim.

This does not mean that you have to look like Scarlet Johansson, because beauty alone does not define attraction. It all comes down to your inner confidence, being comfortable with who you are and what you look like.

Taking care of yourself is absolutely paramount, regardless of where you are in a relationship. Things like exercise can have a profound impact on how you look but also on how you feel about yourself. You don’t have to go through some grueling diets or insane exercise programs. Find something that you love doing and try your best to stick to it. This can be anything from running 15 minutes a day, going to zumba classes, yoga, doing some at home workout programs. The basic gist of it is that if you love doing it, you’re going to do it more often and stick to it for a much longer period of time.

Also, keep in mind these scientifically proven beauty tips to get a guy interested:

• Red Lips – Studies have shown on countless occasions that red lips make a woman more attractive. It’s usually believed that it works because red lips represent a sign of fertility.
• Lined Lids – Another known fact is that mascara and eye-lines create a contrast that enhances your feminine sensuality.
• Thick Locks – Hair is the first thing men notice about a woman even before the br**sts. The hair is also the medium in which women release the highest amount of pheromones so, a clean, thick, shiny hair is a good indication of good health and will surely attract men all around you.
• Flushed Cheeks – This is yet another sign of fertility and youth that makes you more attractive and appealing to men. A subtle pale Pink blush for a fresh natural look will go a long way.

And let’s not forget about the clothes you wear. It’s always important to dress in order to flatter and complement your personal style. Never wear something that you’re not comfortable with, guys will be able to sense it and it’s a major turn off.

All of these tips can be implemented by ANY woman because they have nothing to do with your actual physical appearance.

Step 2 – Breeze Through It

There’s some attraction and you started to meet up. You have started talking more often, texting but don’t really know where this is going. Don’t dwell on that, just breez through it.
Don’t obsess, don’t plot and don’t stress yourself. More importantly, don’t consider yourself off the market just because there’s this guy in your life that you really, really like. It’s important to keep your options open and to give him enough space in order for him to come to you. Also, make sure you STOP checking your phone every minute, it will not make him text you more often.

Step 3 – Keep Cool and Focus on YOUR Life
Even if things are starting to get more serious, you’re meeting eachother more, you’re talking even more, you feel that a deeper connection has been made…keep cool and continue with your life, exactly the same as it was before you started dating.

Sure, you can give him a BIT more time but don’t drop everything and start focusing your life around him. Keep seeing your friends, going to clubs, working out, whatever it was that you were doing before he came into your life.

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