How to Love

All human beings want to love and be loved, to kiss and be kissed, to cuddle and be cuddled, to hug and be hugged, to admire and be admired, to have total freedom of expression and freedom to make choices..
But the bitter truth is that “True Love is like angels; many have heard about them, but only few have seen them” If you’re in the dark about how to love, this short write-up will give you some food for thought, and teach you how to love yourself, and love other people and get massive returns on the love you invested on people.. Enjoy. 🙂
How to Love In 30 Lovely Ways:

1. Before loving anyone else, you have to love yourself. This will help show that you can experience love, it shows you are secure, confident, and worth loving in return.

2. Commit to both the other person you love and the relationship.

3. Take mistakes or failures in yourself and the relationship and learn from them.

4. Aim high..

5. Decide what you want from a loving relationship. Be it romance or otherwise, don’t ever keep anyone in the dark.. Its a sin!

6. Love people for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

7. Talk through problems that you have; don’t sweep them under the Carpet.
Problem shared, is problem half solved. Trust me, its 100% true.

8. Have something to offer. When you start a relationship, be it romantic or not, make sure you bring something to that relationship. Work on giving as much as you take, in all your relationships, and you’ll be on your way to success.

9. Meet lots of people. Be friendly when you meet people, and try to see the best in them. Make plans with people you’re interested in. Rather than getting their contacts so u can drain them of everything they have. “Do onto others what you what you want others to do to you”

10. Don’t force love and don’t try to speed it up. Give it time!

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