How to Love

11. If you’re in love, prove it by putting effort into the relationship and working hard to make it work. Don’t just relax. For a relationship to be successful, you need to apply constant maintenance.

12. Learn lessons and apply them to your relationships. Bad things will definitely happen in your relationships. So, when anything goes wrong, learn your lessons and just keep moving forward.

13. Always work to make yourself and those you love better. Help the other person to achieve their dreams and goals because you believe they deserve it. Improve yourself and work for your dreams so that you can be the person you feel they deserve.

14. Wipe out jealousy!

15. Try to see issues from all sides. Don’t be partial.. Learn to admit when you’re wrong, and learn to forgive when you’re wronged

16. Work together to find solutions, solve problems, and comfort each other when times get tough.
Don’t ever manipulate someone. Don’t force people into becoming what or who they don’t want to be.

17. Don’t expect people to be perfect. Don’t expect perfection in the person you love or in yourself.

18. Don’t bring outside problems into your relationships. Don’t act out your frustration on the ones you love. Always have self control.

19. Don’t bring a third-party into your relationship. Learn to solve problems and misunderstandings yourselves.

20. Don’t let things get boring. Always bring in new ideas that will keep the relationship lively and full of fun.

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