Tips On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

If you’ve suffered a breakup and are now realizing that you made a huge mistake then chances are you’re wondering how you can get your ex back. I’ll say this upfront, no plan is foolproof or guaranteed but, if you follow these simple tips, you’ll find yourself that bit closer to reuniting with your ex.

Consider If You Really Want Him Back

First and foremost, take a while to think over exactly why you broke up. What went wrong? Was it him? Was it you? Were you just incompatible? I’m not just suggesting you quickly take a minute to think over all this either – take a day, take a week, as long as it takes for you to know exactly what went wrong and why and if it’s something the two of you could work on.

Now that you’ve come to terms with exactly where your relationship hit the rocks, reconsider if you really want him back? Was he good to you? Did you have a lot in common? Most importantly, why do you want him back? If you just want him back for the sake of your pride or because you’re lonely then you might as well quit while you’re ahead. You have to want him back because you miss him, not the pair of you as a couple or simple the feeling of being in a relationship. You have to be head over heels for him and know that you made a terrible mistake by letting him go. And you have to know that you’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work this time around.


Are you sure you want him back? If the answer to that was yes then keep reading.

Go Back To The Beginning

What was it about you that made him fall in love with you? If you know the answer then now consider if you still have all those traits, are you still the same person you were back then? If not, are you able to bring back what he loved about you and is it even a good idea? People change for a lot of reasons but if you’ve changed for the better then maybe it’s not a great idea changing back just for him.

If you think you can go back to being the girl you used to be, use that to your advantage and show him that. Fingers crossed he’ll fall in love all over again.

Plan What You’re Going To Say

If you’ve plucked up the courage to go and speak to him, make sure you know exactly what you’re going to say ahead of time. Your first words could either make or break your plan so consider them carefully. You don’t want to sound desperate or creepy but nor do you want to sound like you don’t care. Try saying something casual, something friendly and say it with a smile. And remember not to be scared or shy, don’t show you’re upset without him. You want him to know you miss him but not that you’re a little lost without him.


Remind Him Of The Good Times

Reminding him of all the great things about the two of you together is a great way to get him thinking of the idea of getting back together. When you’re talking to him, tell him you just walked passed the restaurant you used to love and that it got you thinking about all the great times you had there (even better if you can give specific examples). If you’re not talking to him in person you could always send a text or an email saying you just saw something that reminded you of him and it got you wondering how he was. It’s a great way to open contact and it won’t make him feel pressured.

If you’re talking to him in person, consider wearing the top you wore on your first date or the jacket you wore when you went for a romantic starlit walk. Wear anything you can that will remind him of specific time or place. This is a subtle way to get the cogs in his mind turning without him realizing what you’re up to.

Plan A ‘Date’

If you’ve decided to stay friends with him, why not get the ball rolling by asking him if he fancies going to the cinema with you or going bowling. Go somewhere that you can hang out as friends but will also be suitable for a first date. Having fun together will remind him of all the good times and it will prove that the pair of you can be together without whatever issues tore you apart. If the ‘date’ goes really well, why not ask him to walk you home or ask if he’d like to do it again sometime?


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