5 Reasons You Should Marry A Yoruba Lady

1. Yoruba women are Respectful
From the moment they were born, Yoruba women were taught how to treat different types of people with respect. For example, it is in the Yoruba culture that when a Yoruba woman meets an elder, she must greet her by kneeling as a sign of respect. She must not call an older person by their name. Instead, it is cultural that an older person be called, “mommy”, “aunty”, “uncle”, “daddy”, “sister”, “brother”, etc.

2. Yoruba women are Family-Oriented
One thing yoruba women were also taught when they were younger was to cherish their family”because in the end, that is who will be standing for you. Even though sometimes friends come and go, family is forever.
3. Yoruba women Age Gracefully
This point is self explanatory. The aging of a Yoruba woman can even be compared to fine wine. It gets better as the years grow older.
4. Yoruba women are Hardworking 
Most Yoruba women grew up with their mothers teaching them how to cook, clean, and hold down her household.
5. Yoruba women are Well-Rounded
They are smart, talented, hard-working women—ready to take this world by storm!
summary: If you are married to a Yoruba woman, count yourself lucky and cherish every moment with her! For all my single guys out there that are not yet married, I would urge you to give Yoruba women a shot! You will not be disappointed. And for all my Yoruba women, single or married, stay encouraged. You are a beautiful and amazing woman that has the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to, no matter your circumstance!
If your wife isn’t Yoruba.. Then you’re missing a lot!

16 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Marry A Yoruba Lady

  1. Which respect?some of them will kneel and curse u expecially whn they know u don’t hear their languague

  2. I appreciate the respect though it doesn’t stop them from being saucy and abusive in the same vein. There’s also the worry they may not stick with you in marriage come what may cos they easily get bored with it and move to another man without blinking but over all,they are not bad sha

    • I can’t pretend to understand the idea behind your comment…. Women gossips, men do as well in there own coded way- is not a tribal habit and speaking of loud OMG! are you for real?! You want to compare the Igbos loudness to the yorubas seriously common are we being objective here?

  3. They’r dirty adulterous. People they sleep with other men outside even when they’r married, so don’t tell me that.

    • Dirty? Seriously! I’m 100% certain you are just repeating the stereotype characteristics that Igbos passed around. Dirty…are you talking of yoruba traders/ artisans/ mechanics cos I could say same about the the Igbos.

  4. Whether Igbo or Yoruba o, women are generally hardworking. Yoruba women in particular from generation to generation have a life time practice of taking care of the family solely. An Igbo girlfriend of mine even used it to tease me once she said and I quote. ” Na yoruba women dey feed broke arse husband with children o we Igbo women no dey do that “. And in regards to being faithful you guys need to open yours eyes it’s not a tribal thing anymore now it’s more like an individual thing I witness a married Igbo woman kissing and hugging a fellow Igbo guy at an office party I later found out I was the last to notice this is the 21st century nothing is new under the sun anymore. Just learn to deal with peeps on individual bases shikena.

  5. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but yoruba peeps marry young as young as 19 years old. Imagine a young, innocent girl of probably 18 married to a boy of 19/35 years old cos they feel they love themselves. No job, no sense of responsibility cos their parents are taking care of them financially and eventually they manage to finish school, get a job etc do you know that the way you feel or think before duly educating yourself is quite different from the way you feel when you a graduate I have a friend who married an uneducated Igbo guy and after she has fully educated herself she now feel embarrassed by the guy, mind you she is Igbo too. Now imagine the yoruba peeps scenario compare to the Igbos who spent all their young life doing runz for money eventually decides to retire at 38 years to marry a fellow Igbo guy that’s 40 years old Pls do the deduction by the time she is doing her own wedding the yoruba lady would have been in her own marriage for 20 years! The Igbo guy will keep a prostitute for corner runz the yoruba man will think of getting a woman that’s now on his level. the lady then what? Die? At 38 years? And this is just one scenario. I always maintain this women in general do not cheat that easily or meaninglessly like men when your woman cheats on you she is looking for something you lack. That’s the true hollywood story.

  6. Temmy and others, I wonder y u people can not resist talking about d igbo folks in a negative manner. I don’t think d writer mentioned igbo in his post, y then do u continuously mentioned igbo in all ur comment. after uduak`s comment somebody said he has to b an igbo, does uduak sound like igbo name. Na waoo. Well, there is no ethnic group u will not c d good, d bad and d ugly

  7. Well yoruba gals are so unfaithful…to them there z nothing wrong with adultery…am yet to see a faithful one

  8. If you want all those things even more than that oyaaa come to the North come and beautiful Hausa girl’s. respect, hard work, taken care of you, and your family, and in very cheap price. Everything you cannot spent opt 500k. Hausa girl’s they are better than both Igbo and Yoruba

  9. The truth is no ethnic group that do not cheat so I don’t know why you guys are condemning each otherS. Although I must admit, yoruba girls are more respectful than any other tribe In nigeria

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