5 Reasons You Should Marry An Igbo Lady

1. Igbo women are very hardworking and consistent. No matter how many times they failed in a business, they still push ahead until they hit gold. An igbo woman can take care of her family without the support of her husband.

2. An Igbo woman will take care of you
Many people say igbo’s love money—which is very true. But If you don’t like money, kindly raise up your hands..(I’m sure nobody will)
An Igbo woman can never deny you the Love and care you deserve.
She will take care of you, your children, she will give you sex, enough sex and make you very happy
3. She takes care of your mother
An Igbo woman will take care of your mother.
She doesn’t mind the stress, your tribe.. even if your mother is ugly and harsh, she takes care of your mother even when you travel for long.
4. Igbo girls are faithful
Any woman can cheat if they want to, but the average igbo woman remains faithful even after her husband dies. You hardly find her marrying again—if she had kids for you, she is faithful and won’t cheat even when she is tempted.
5. Lastly, Igbo women are the most beautiful and intelligent women in Nigeria.

27 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Marry An Igbo Lady

  1. This Igbo mata hard to believe o. Most of em I av come in contact with are saucy and lack respect. They re also lovers of money and therefore easily switch to men with more money.

  2. Igbo women……………………….. Majority re nt faithfull, they cheat on their husband. Reason while they cheat is not mainly money, but because 70% of them married under the arrangement of their parent, So most atimes their consent to choice of a Man is not seak. That is why many flirt. I have seen with my eyes.

  3. Hmmmm..what can l say…is a privilege being an lgbo woman…but l don’t agree with u 100%,,at least fink u’re right 80%,there’s this usual saying dt lgbo women so much love money,lyk u said,who doesn’t like money,,all l kw is dt lgbo women r very hard working nd they’re faithful,for those that want to be…

  4. It seems that the writer forgot something very important about Igbo women, Igbo women are the best cook one can ever think of. It is just one of the things they inherit . dont be jealous about that!!

  5. I disagree. even Igbo men confess that akwa ibom people are the best cooks. as for Igbo I had one friend from there, I never understood what she cooked or enjoyed anything she cooked. her cookings were nightmares. in spite of the fact she wasn’t a good cook, she always dismissed other people’s as rubbish

  6. The Igbo women are beautiful, intelligent, homely, hard working, best cookers, and very defensive especially when their man is not at home the igbos call it “anya iru ala” that is to say your eye reach grown lol.

  7. I am proud to be an Igbo girl, nd some of our girls cheat if there husbands can’t handle them well on bed again , if the husband don’t gv them attention as it is meant to be nd if the husband don’t show them love nd care.

  8. I no gree oooo, Igbo wey dey cheat dia men by sleeping with oda men, and igbo Na lie u dey lie dem no sabi cook only 40% of dem can…..if u tok about money, yes is true dat everyone likes money but I swear Igbo ppl like money much more than u can think ….Igbo ppl can kill, can break love, can cheat, can abort,and lots of others because of money…..

  9. hahahahaha ..so proud to be an Igbo lady. Precisely anambra… d truth is nobody is perfect but as d saying goes ‘majority carries d vote’..majority of d Igbo ladies have ds attributes.

  10. Yah I attested that,I stay with Igbo girls like Ego,Ebere, Quineth, Onyeka,Nneka, Nnoma to mention a few,they are kind,caring and beautiful.Especially Ego,she is kind, caring and easy going

  11. As admitted to be true that Igbo women like money, then the sanctity of marriage is likely to be sacrificed on the alter of “money for hand, back for ground” with men she adores who are richer than her husband. Isn’t it?

  12. my dear , everything depend on individual. am an Igbo girl , but have lived with a lot of tribe.but still believe d Igbo girls r wonderfully made.Bible say money is d root of all evil, n d same bible says money answers all things.

  13. Five (5) Reasons why I stop loving Ebo girls…..

    (1) As You Say there are Money mongers, they can even check up there Husband Pocket.

    (2) There don’t know how to Cooking a Delicious Food, So that eat everything come across there Mouths no matter test it is.

    (3) There hate a Cowife, there always want be with you alone, So that if you married another wife thy they can even enchant her, or making fight every moment. .

    (4) There are very good in Racism, Ethanism, Seasonality

    (5) Lastly there Don’t want Peace..

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