This is What I Used To Be Until God Changed Me – True Confession


Many of you don’t know me but I am NOT the perfect dude and I don’t proclaim to be. I haven’t always been this way that I am. I have ever been a womanizer, I used to mislead girls, I used to be a Liar and a smart player, I used to be a heartless guy, I used to stay out all nights, clubbing all the time… I used to do all these things when I’m sober, I wasn’t under any peer pressure and I wasn’t using any drug. But time came and I asked myself why I was hurting the innocent girls. They could truly love me for the future but I used to love them for fun and to pass time. I started feeling guilty of all the wrong things I had done to these them.

I had broken their hearts, I had wasted their time and I had used them. There was one night I lost sleep, I was in deep thoughts of my life, and I woke up and got on my knees. I prayed to God to forgive me for all the wrong things I had done, to change me and to heal all the hearts of the girls I had damaged in the past. God answered my prayers, He gave me confidence to face those girls and I asked for forgiveness from them. Many forgave me and now they’re my good friends. Not only God did that for me, He also forgave me and he changed me! Ever since then I promised to myself never to abuse any woman, Never to waste anyone’s time, Never to love for fun and pleasure, Never to cheat and never to play dirty games behind the back of the person I love.

Now I’m so changed, instead of manipulating girls, I am changing lives! Each day I thank God from where He has brought me from…because at any given time the enemy could have took me out. And every day is a challenge…it’s not easy trying to live right. Because so many of the outsiders claiming to be for you…Really and truly are against you hoping to see you fall. But no matter what, I won’t fall…Because God favored me!

So my good friends, right now you may be doing something wrong which is causing a lot of pain, injuries or damage to people out there and you don’t know how to cease it. But just pray to God to change you. Some of you may be out there disappointed, jobless, heartbroken, sick, stressed, facing hard times or you may be unsuccessful in your plans and you don’t know what to do, but I tell you what? God is the answer to everything. Have faith in God and keep praying to him and he’ll change your life. Everything is possible with God!

Friends, this is my own write up and a TRUE STORY of my life. I love you all; Take care and God bless you!

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