Steps To Attract A Girl You Really Want To Marry

I have come across many young guys in a forum asking the question of how to attract a girl, what many of them are really talking about, is not the proper way to attract a girl you want to date and even go further and marry. The point that they all agree on in their discussion was to use pick up lines to attract a girl in which I proved them otherwise.

Those days have long gone where you see a girl and use pick up lines to woo her and she smile back at you, ready to start conversation with you. Girls are wise up now and if you try to use pick up lines, they easily noticed and consider you not good enough for the their attention. In themodern day of how to attract a girl that you really want to marry, the stake is higher than what it were used to be. And except you too take it further, you’ll hardly see any girls that fall to your oldies tricks, not even the one you just want to flirt with, let alone the girl you want to marry.

So, how to attract a girl you want to marry in this age and time, remember don’t try it with pick up lines. Below are what you just need to do and in no time you will get her attracted to you, from there you can start to build the solid relationship which will be culminated in marriage.

1. In your approach, talk confidently and never you stutter, you know what I mean. A confident guy will always get any girls attention.

2. Have a good look with your smile; don’t force the smile, just be natural with it. It is easier to determine if your smile is genuine or otherwise.

3. Simply be presentable with your dressing; girls love guys they can be proud of and talk about among their peers. Dress nice and you will see them noticing your movement because they take a great look at guys dressing.

4. Ensure you smell nice; be identified with certain kind of scent. Get some perfume and apply it lightly, don’t overdo it so that you won’t piss her off. Take daily shower, brush your teeth and wear deodorant. She will remember you with your scent even when you’ve long gone.

5. Listen to her and use her words to keep the conversation going; it is natural for human to talk to people who listen to us. This will make her develops more interest in you and keep the talk going as long as it could.

6. You need to be fun around her, tease her, and be flirting, have a good time with her and remember you’re the man, so you have to be in charge.

7. Act natural and don’t fake yourself; girls don’t like guys that are not themselves and trying to be someone else. It a total pissed-off to them

Other vital tips for how to attract a girl you will possibly get married to include:

  • Don’t dictate the conversation alone, give her respect in conversation
  • Don’t play with your phone, text or dial number when talking to a girl, always look into her eyes
  • Ask her open ended questions, the kind of question that yes or no cannot be an answer.
  • Don’t try to show off in her front
  • Ensure you look deep into her eyes but not with much intensity.
  • Don’t try to make any physical contact at this stage unless you’re too sure she’s going to accept, it can scare her off.
  • Don’t make your first move too soon.

With these approaches and tips, the questions of how to attract a girl you want to marry have been answered. Use the tips and the ideas above to show that you’re not in the oldies anymore and the game has really changed. You’re up to the task.

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