20 Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Happy and Strong

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life that leave two lovers on opposite ends of the world. One may have a new and high-paying job up north, or one may have to move across the country for school. Whatever the reason, it’s no need to panic. Long distance relationships may be a lot of work, but they are the true test of a relationship to see just how much you love someone and how much your relationship can handle. These tips and tricks will help you not only make your long distance relationship work, but keep it happy and strong.

1. Talk Often

Communication in any relationship is absolutely important, but even more so when you’re in a long distance relationship. Find ways to talk to each other as often as possible. Text each other throughout the day, call each other when you can, send each other instant messages, or even go the old fashioned route and send something in the mail (which is very romantic also). The point here is to talk as much as possible EVERY DAY.

2. Video Chat

Talking to your significant other is utterly important, but if you’re able to video chat, we highly recommend doing so. Talking is one thing- but seeing your lover is another. You might not be able to touch them, but seeing their smiling face will certainly brighten up your day and make the relationship stronger. Try to video chat as often as possible either with your computer or smart phone.

3. Send Pictures

If you don’t have video chat capabilities, then take the next best option and send pictures. Send pictures of yourself or the world around you. Show your partner your new hairstyle, the new decoration you put in your bedroom, or show them that new sexy outfit you purchased for the next time the two of you are together. Pictures will make your relationship seem a little less far apart, so send them often.

4. See Each Other Often

We know this can be difficult, and depending on the circumstances you might not have the opportunity to see each other for several months. But as soon as you have the chance, you NEED to take it- even if it means only seeing your love for a few hours. Try to plan meet ups as often as possible, and spend every moment with your partner talking, hugging, kissing- just spending one on one time together doing what you guys love to do.

5. Have Combined Goals

If the two of you have something you’re working towards, time will fly by much quicker. For example: the two of you could have a goal that you’re going to move in together in such and such city within 2 years. You will both work towards this goal: finishing school, saving up money, planning decoration ideas or searching the area for the best homes etc. Before you know it the two of you will be together living happily.

6. Have Separate Goals

Having separate goals will also help time move along faster, not to mention being apart gives you plenty of time to focus on things YOU are interested in. Maybe you could take an art class like you’ve always wanted to, or spend the extra time bulking up in the gym. Maybe you could start brushing up on your cooking skills or finishing your degree. There’s so many things you can do with all this free time!

7. Send Gifts

There’s nothing quite like getting a gift from someone you love- especially if it’s something sentimental or cute. Maybe your man could leave his sweatshirt with you before he leaves, that way you can snuggle up with it and enjoy his scent. Maybe he could send you a sweet love letter in the mail with a special gift only you would enjoy. As for the girls, maybe you could send your man a cool sports item or other piece of equipment he might enjoy. No one knows our partner better than you do, so you know exactly how to surprise them!

8. Do Things Together

You’re probably wondering how on earth you’re supposed to do things together when you’re 2,000 miles apart- well, the answer is simple: you don’t have to be next to each other to do things together. For instance: you could both watch the same movie at the same time at home while talking on the phone. You could both go for a walk outside while chatting. You could take the same history class and work on homework together. There’s plenty of options!

9. Keep the Love Alive

Whether you’re right next to each other in the same town or a million miles apart, there is one thing every relationship needs to do: and that’s keep the love alive. So how can you do this? There’s tons of different ways to keep the love strong. Tell each other why and how much you love them, as often as possible. Compliment each other: tell her how beautiful she is, and tell him how handsome he is. Give more intricate compliments like what it is that makes them special or how much you love the way they do this, this, or that. Talk about your guys’ future and make plans together. Do the things you would normally do in a traditional relationship, just over the phone or computer.

10. Trust Each Other 

If there is no trust, there is no relationship. It’s as simple as that. There are very few things that will break up a relationship faster than lack of trust. And when it comes to long distance relationships, trust is even more so important- even though it’s a lot harder. But you entered into this relationship knowing that you wouldn’t be next to each other constantly, so you need to trust your partner. The moment you start questioning each other, is the moment your relationship will start falling apart. Trust your love until they give you a reason not to!

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