Signs She Wont Be A Good Wife

Not every woman you fall in love with is someone you want to have for a wife. Personally, I don’t fall in love with a girl if I don’t see myself marrying her in the future. I think its better that way.

If you’re really planning on spending the rest of your life with one woman, you better make sure she’s the right one. Here are few signs that she’s not a wife material:
1. She Can’t (Or Won’t) Cook
2. She’s A Gossip.
3. She Compares You To Her Exes.
4. She’s Clingy.
5. She Complains When You Go Out With The Guys.
6. She Thinks She Can Change You.
7. She’s Too Jealous.
8. She Is daddy’s girl.
9. She Doesn’t Trust You.
10. She’s Controlling.
13. She Has No Confidence in herself.
14. She Criticizes Your Hobbies.
15. She Doesn’t Think You’re Awesome.
16. Her parents takes care of all her needs.
17. When The Going Gets Tough For You, She Gets Out The Door.
18. It’s Your Second Date And She’s Already Talking About Marriage.
19. She Doesn’t Get Along with her mother.
20. She Gets Along With Her Mother Too Well.
21. She Starts To Cry Every Time .
22. She Uses Sex As A Tool.
23. She argues all the time.
24. She Has No Sense Of Humor.
25. She Wants The Relationship To Be All About Her
26. She Is Lazy.
27. She Doesn’t Support You.
28. She Hates Your Friends.
29. She Has No Hopes And Dreams Of Her Own.
30. She Doesn’t Support You.
31. She’s Cheated Before.
32. She Never Goes Out With The Girls.
33. She’s Not In The Mood… All the time.
34. She Changes Her Mind Too Often.
35. She’s A Complainer.
36. She’s Not Comfortable In Her Own Skin.
37. She Has Nothing In Common With You.
38. She’s Not Your Best Friend.
39.  She Slept With You On The First Date.
40. She Pops Her chewing Gum a lot.
41. She Likes Mischief.
42. She Wants You To Give Something Up.
43. She is always right.
44. She’s Had Three Or More Dicks In Her Ass.
45. Her Vagina Has A Bad Smell.
46. She Thinks She’s Above You.
47. She’s Too Independent.
48. She Chews With Her Mouth Open.
49. She’s A Drama Queen.
50. She Keeps Secrets.
51. She’s Too Competitive.
52. She Doesn’t Take Your Side.
53. You Think She’d make A Bad Mother.
54. She’s Has A Mean Spirit.
55. She Openly Hates Your Music.
56. You Stole Her From Someone Else.
57. She has a bad mother.
58. She’s Already Been Engaged Or Married More Than Once.
59. She Has Another Guy’s Name Tattooed On Her.
60. She Doesn’t Listen To You.
61. She’s Too Demanding.
62. She’s had More Than One Abortion.
Honestly dude, If you got to the sixty second sign that your girlfriend is not a wife material, you must be looking for somebody else. She’s out there, I assure you. So stop wasting time on the wrong girl, go out and find your right girl!

3 thoughts on “Signs She Wont Be A Good Wife

  1. Nonsense. It means whoever wrote this won’t marry a human being but an alien. Some of the points are absurd

  2. .. Yea I totally agree wt u dbaby. So if u dnt marry d ladies cos if most of d risons wu den ll Marry dem???? Nr b person go still marry dem? So u now use people’s past to condemn dem? It’s appalling

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