Excuses Men Make After Caught Cheating On Their Partner.

Cheating is clearly the one of the easiest and fastest way to ruin a marriage. And when a man is caught cheating, most times, he gives excuses to justify the action.

Here are some excuses men give when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

1. My marriage made me do this.

Is your husband laying the blame of his infidelity on your marriage? Surely he must know that having an affair will not fix  th problems in your marriage. Solve the issues and let him not be a coward and bring on another problem. Have a conversation with him if you still want to live with the cheater.

2. I just can’t say no

Only a foolish man will fall into the temptations of another woman, causing him to cheat. Everyone can resist temptation, if at all they know what he is doing. And does he conveniently forget that he is married?

3. I didn’t want to say no

This excuse is really unbelievable. It is not like the other choices where he acted by instinct, or was at a moment of weakness; here he really thought about it, looked at the advantages and disadvantages and then took a knowing decision to just do it. Deal with the issues that this guy has.

4. I am not in love any more

In all relationships, there are always some days of being smouldering and sexy and intense  and heavy, but that is quickly watered down to boring and lack of spontaneity. Many men will equate that to the death of love. Your man should realize that as the relationship grows, it changes and matures.

5. I needed to know that I’ve still got it

This excuse is given by men with very tiny egos. A strong, emotionally stable, making-her-own-money-kind of woman is what you have at home. Sleeping around will not make you feel like Godzilla, if at all she doesn’t do that already.

6. I just wanted to have a person who cares about me

Intimacy problems in the marriage will make him go out there to look for love and companionship. Deal with the real issue and talk to him, to find out what the real issue, ask him. If he is worth it, fight for him and work towards a happy, healthier home,  or you can just dump him, if at all you can’t deal.

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