Top 5 Reason Why Some Men Prefer Ashawo

My girlfriend asked me why some men prefer prostitutes to homely girls. after a brain cracking session i was able to give her five reasons why i think some men prefer the women of low virtue. she couldn’t help it as she laughed her guts out. I felt i should share these reasons here.

Before i do that, let me first of all let you know this shocking truth;
80% of women are prostitute. It only depends if they are WILD protitutes or DOMESTIC prostitutes. The wild ones are the ones that stands in the hotels for commercial s*x trade while the domestic ones are the so-called girlfriends we keep at home with the false impression that we have a decent clean babe all to ourselves, but unfortunately when we are away they sneak out to have s*x with other guys and sugar daddies, now tell me how are they different from the roadside prostitute. My brothers, it is the same thing o. So whether you admit it or not if your wife sleeps around with Chief when you are not in town, then you have a domestic prostitute in your house. So don’t judge other men who sleep with the wild prostitutes in hotels becos you are in their shoes too.

now the 5 reasons some men refer prostitutes are;
1. A prostitute does not expect you to remember her birthday, not to talk of buying her gifts. You don’t also have to take care of her responsibilities like buying her body cream, paying for her hair do, etc. Yet you still enjoy maximum s*x for a little fee which cannot be compared to the expenses we spend on our so-called clean babes. A friend of mine said his girlfriend won’t let him touch her or even talk to her because he didn’t give her a particular amount of money she requested. If this young man must give her that money before he would touch her then what is the difference between her and the prostitute out there?

2. You don’t need to remember the safe period of prostitutes because non of them would come back telling you they are pregnant.

3. Prostitutes won’t compel you to get married to them as the last thing on their mind is marriage.

4. Believe it or not, prostitutes are more disease free than the so-called clean babes. This is becos every man thinks her job is risky so there is need to protect himself with a condom and at the end 100 men may sleep with her but with a condom but with the so-called decent clean and homely babes, Emeka thinks she is decent so he doesn’t need a condom, tomorrow Kalu will think the same and do it with her again without using a condom and Alhaji will also think she is decent and safe so he too goes without a condom and at the end she has 100 men who have slept with her without condom yet she still parades herslef as the homely, decent, clean, mummy’s pet babe, and the cycle continues. What a shame!

5. A prostitute does not expect you to satisfy them, they would do anything to satisfy you and make you come for them again unlike the clean homely babes who expect you to take them to cloud nine while they only lie on their backs and spread their legs like frozen chicken.

Now, with the afore-mentioned reason, why won’t men go for prostitutes, tell me!

NOTE: I have never slept with a prostitute (i mean WILD prostitute) before, believe it or not, neither do i encouraged the act of prostitution, i just felt i should look at the issues from the perspective of men who are into the act.

32 thoughts on “Top 5 Reason Why Some Men Prefer Ashawo

  1. U have just said the real facts….if the girls like they accept and if the don’t accept it,how would I be paying money for hair and some other stuffs every week when half of d money a prostitute will not collect….I prefer prostitude when the time comes for marraige then I marry

  2. HmmM!wat a bitter truth”’naso bro”’most of dem are domestic Olosho,koded Olosho,,,,,but few of dem are good sha.

  3. Pls u r 100% correct but remember is a sin before God
    so my advice for u is to marry whenever u r ready and stop dating dat domestic prostitutes

  4. You are very correct my brother. I have also looked at this issue critically and discovered that it is true on very many perspective.

  5. God forbid evil, Jesus Christ love yo, sex is only sin you will sin against your body, accept Jesus Christ, or you will end up in he’ll fire

  6. 80% of girls #prostitutes…… true talk if not even 95%……jthe ladies take it or leave it…..we all know the truth is butter.

  7. Hmm… What can I say? That seems to be true sha. Even though I’m not used to seeing a prostitute.

  8. Guys if u must have a girlfriend den u should ready to go through whatever de sacrify takes,cus our promise before meetin dem is( i love u and and i am ready to give u watever dey want,so if u started breakin de promise for refusen i given dem watever dey wnt,.also u promised to love no other girls but dem, and she now discover dat u have other girl outside,.guys we are de causes.

  9. U are very correct my borher.u just hit d neal on the last ex was a perfect example of one of those pretenders soalcall su bt 100% domestic prostitute..

  10. What name will you tag the men that patronise both the wild and domestic prostitute please guy i need an urgent answer

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