Top 5 Easy Ways To Attract Your Own Wife

Here are Simple Ways To Attract Your Wife and Increase Her Desire for You.
1. Spend More Time With Her
Make her feel like the only reason you are in the room is because you want to be with her.  Ask her about things that she likes to talk about.  Notice her eyes, her hair.  Touch her like it’s the first time you ever did. Keep falling in love with her everyday. If she leaves you, name your dog
2. Be A Good Listener
Impress her with your ability to listen rather than your ability to talk. When you listen, don’t just listen to figure things out or solve problems. Listen and show her that you’re listening by focusing on her. Instead of giving advice, just say, “Tell me more about it.” Don’t give advice to her unless she asks for it.
3. Genuinely care about her needs
How you can make yourself care more is by asking yourself what you can do to help her enjoy her life more, and then doing it. When you do something for her, do it without expecting anything in return. And don’t try to get credit for what you do.
4. Notice little things about her that others don’t
If you notice little things and positive things, it means she is important to you.  It means you are paying attention to her. Just telling your wife she is attractive is not enough to attract her to you.  If you notice specific things about her that are attractive, things that most people wouldn’t pick up on, then you are making her feel special and attractive.
Example: “You are a beauty,” 
“The little flecks of blue in your eyes are beautiful like the sky.” 
The more special you make her feel, the more attracted she will be to you.
5. Be independent
The less you beg her for things, (money, etc) the more attractive you will become to her. When she does things for you, appreciate it, but don’t need it. For God’s sake, u’re the man! Act like a Man!

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