10 Things a Woman Never Wants to Hear Her Man Say


Not all surprises are good ones. No one knows that better than a woman in a relationship. I have a friend who met and married the so-called man of her dreams within six months.

A year later, he dropped a major bombshell — he had been married before. Even more shocking: He had been married twice before. For whatever reason, it never previously came up. That was probably just as much her fault as it was his. She clearly didn’t ask enough questions. But sometimes, nothing can compare us for the crap that comes out of their mouths.

Check out the 10 things a woman never wants to hear her man say.

1. It was just a kiss.

2. My mom’s gonna stay with us for a few months.

3. Oh, didn’t I tell you I had kids?

4. I’m as good as divorced. I mean, we haven’t lived together in years.

5. I think I might be gay.

6. I’ve been late because my ex needed my help with something.

7. Maybe I’m not cut out for monogamy.

8. I quit my job.

So I sent a photo of my junk to another girl. It’s not like I was having an actual affair.

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