9 Things Women Do That Men Love

The truth about women – and the men who love them – goes beyond how they look or what they wear. Sometimes, its the less obvious attributes women have that get their man’s attention.

So, ladies, I did us a favour by asking people, mostly men, about what gets their attention. Here are some of the responses I got.

1. Flipping Your Hair: Women do this better with a hairstyle that has a front or side fringe. It might seem very innocent, but men love it when women do that. Trust me. I know.

2. Adjusting His Tie: Ladies, do you sometimes reach for your husband’s tie and adjust it, even when it really doesn’t need to be adjusted… Lol! He might not say it, but he loves the thoughtfulness behind that action.

3. Leaving Some Treats For Him: Most times, when I buy myself a treat, it could be anything from chocolates to a rare fruit, I leave some in the fridge for my hubby. It’s not about the price of the treat, but the thought behind leaving some for him that matters.

4. Getting Your Makeup Done: I know most men grumble when they are about to go out with their wives and she is spending the whole time putting her makeup on. He might not like being kept waiting, but he likes the fact that you put extra care into looking good when going out with him.

5. Acting Goofy: Sometimes, its cool to just act silly and childish. Men love this. You could do a silly dance or talk in a funny voice and just make the mood lighter. This brings about some healthy laughter which is great for any relationship.

6. Cooking Rare & Tasty Meals: Most times, women think that because cooking is something they do regularly, there is nothing so special about it. I disagree. Men appreciate the time their wives spend in the kitchen cooking for them, especially if the meal is lip-smacking tasty.

7. Biting Your Lips: When done the right way, with just enough eye contact, you are sure to melt your man’s heart.

8. Scolding With Love: Men can act like babies some times…. leave their clothes lying around, messing up the house with litter, scattering their clothes moments after you arranged it! They know they did wrong, but the way you react and scold them lightly with love makes all the difference to them. They totally love it (even though they will do the same thing again).

9. ____________

I’d love to hear from you SL Fabz. Tell me one more thing women do that men love.

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