If You People Pray?

Pray for your country!

Leave Merlin and Harry potter and Vampire diaries. I’m watching the enemy wave imminent destruction in our faces and we ignore the threat like rookies.

Pray for your country!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t know you and probably never will. Whether or not you spend idle hours yakking about the flaws of others your flaws exist still. There’s too much at stake – the evil is beyond what you ‘think’ or ‘feel’.

Pray for your country!

You can post whatever you so please on vine and Instagram! Make funny tweets about anything – from soap to beef to yam. But please make out enough time to put before your heavenly father the earthly trials facing yourself and fellow man.

Pray for your country!!

Bombings, massacres and mourning. It gets even scarier as each night turns morning. Inconsolable hearts, daughter-less families…. Please remember, there is worth in your kneeling.

Pray for your country!!!

It’s not the only one needing help but it’s a start. The way we carry on like nothing is wrong breaks God’s heart. Beyond liking facebook posts and being ‘touched’, let us pray God heal our land…before too many more are lost.

Pray for Nigeria. …Amen.


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