5 Ways To Keep Your Man Happy

Most Women think Men do cheat cause they choose to but sometimes men cheat cause you didn’t do your part, Men need to been taken care of too just like women, but you fail to show your man his the only one in your Life then you gonna have big problem with your relationship, Men cheat cause they lack your attention or are s3xually not satisfied. Below are few ways to keep your man happy:-

1. Show/Tell How Much You Love

So you both married, engage or either dating because you love each other. Before Leaving For work or when your free just send A text or Call or either way just write a note telling him how much you love him, trust me it will make him feel special and bring effect on him.

2. Be supportive to him
Encourage him if he wants to try something new. Support him if he’s going through a rough time in life. Generally, men do not open up as easily as women do. If you talk to your man, chances are that he will talk back. Support him, and at the same time, respect his privacy. This way you will show how much he means to you and he will be happy about it.

3. Give Him Love and Attention

If a man gets Love and attention from his sole woman, he go out looking for it, it all starts with you and he will do the same show you care a lot about him and you won’t be disappointed.

4. Trust Him.

Learn to trust your man, I know its hard but if you have doubts about him talk to him rather than stalking him or invading his privacy cause when he finds out your on his neck all the time his gonna be pissed off or get mad at you.

5. Be attractive Always

It is possible that your man has lost interest because you have changed significantly—emotionally and physically. Being attractive is important in keeping a relationship alive and healthy. You do not have to look like a Model, but maintain your original shape. Also, Make Love to him when he has desire to, this way he won’t go out looking for someone to sleep with.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Keep Your Man Happy

  1. That is bs ,ladies if a man wants to cheat he will,it has nothing to do with the way you treat him,I have been married for a while,some would say that I’m still wet behind the ears but none the less I have had chances to do so and still didn’t it all depends on how much he loves you

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