I NEED ADVICE: I Slept With My Friends Husband Just To Prove To Her He’s A Cheat

Am a 42years old woman and I reside in abuja Nigeria,after reading my confession you might insult me which is allowed but all I want is advice from you,am single you might wonder why at 42 an still single but my being single is because am waiting for the right time to take over my friends husband,I have a friend called Aisha we’ve been friends from childhood,she’s married with two kids… When Aisha got married I got so jealous because her husband is so rich and handsome her getting married created a gap in our friendship this got me more angry at the fact that she got married. Aisha’s husband despite married still hangout with other women I’ve had to catch him on three different occasions in various hotels across the country.I told my friend about it but instead of her believing me she chose to accuse me of trying to destroy her home;I got furious and made up my mind to prove to my friend that her husband is actually a cheat.

Aisha travel out of the country and then I thought this will be the perfect time to make my moves, I made a visit to her house late at night claiming my car broke down on the road and so won’t be able to make it back home since its late her husband persuade to drop me at my place that night but I insisted I will spend the night over since Aisha isn’t home it shouldn’t be a problem,he later sucummed to my request I requested to get a towel that I need to take my bath;he went inside and brought me a towel,I went into the bathroom took my shower and came out to the sitting room where he was seated watching TV.

I sat on the couch beside him and we started talking I talked my way into him on getting up to go back to the room I pretended the towel untied itself when the towel came off I was slow to picking it back up giving him that chance to see my sexy body,he then got up to help me pick it up I held him and demanded he make love to me if not I will tell his wife about all the affairs he’s been keeping…. He was stunned when I noticed this I quickly pushed him on the couch and we end up making love.

No wonder aisha loves her husband so much the guy was so good his Dick is about 8 to 9inch long when it got inside me it was so warm that I felt so relaxed he ended up giving me the Bleep of my life.

Unfortunately I got pregnant in the process which is what have been looking for, now am 2months pregnant for him he promised to give me anything I want just to terminate the pregnancy but nothing on earth can equal him keeping my child to share part of his wealth so I told him sharing part of his wealth with my child is what I want he pleaded but it all fell on deaf ears ,now with the pregnancy I can prove to my friend that her husband is a good for nothing man and a cheat too, I know she will put up a fight but am ready to give her the fight of her life after all she shouldn’t be enjoying wealth alone am 42 and just can’t loose this baby am carrying for anything since menopause is around the corner,don’t you think I did the right thing by getting pregnant for her husband just to prove to her I was right about the allegations I made to her earlier, if I get rid of this pregnancy I might never get pregnant again am just confused on what to do since I didn’t meant to get pregnant all I wanted to do is just prove to my friend her husband is a cheat,

please advise me on what to do next.

9 thoughts on “I NEED ADVICE: I Slept With My Friends Husband Just To Prove To Her He’s A Cheat

  1. if na me be aisha you for don die, na the man go act mumu for you give you even one room make you stay. you mate no dey carry unwanted pregnancy?

  2. what advice are you seeking from people again since you have already advice and in-courage yourself of putting a fight with your childhood friend after you offended her ,wronged her ,slept with her husband ,and still go ahead published on media inches her husband,s dig….instead to confess before her and ask for her forgiveness,meanwhile the only advice i have for you is go to hell and burn to ashes because you are a wicked witch and you deserve not to live because you next plan now is how to kill her.bitch

  3. Well, you have rightly realise that your life is a mess and shattered.there is somebody who will accept your pieces life and make it better than you think.he love you so much that he is ready to accept you the way you are,He will bring together this your pieces life and give you a hope now that all hope is lost.He is looking for people who have lost hope in life,so that He can give them hope and future.His name is Jesus.Just hand over that urgly life to Him and see what will come out of it,l promise you no regret at all.please read (john 8 verse1-11.

  4. No comment …… But not u said already getting that pregnancy is all Wat u wanted but now Wat advice r u looking for now u did Wat u wanted u wil still get him like u said in yo story so be it hubby snatcher ashawo

  5. Hhhhmmm am just short of words after reading Dis bt do u kW wat u just reminded me of some 1 trusted wit my lyf bt she betrayed me bt snaring my man.may God 4give u cos we are all human & we sin evri day bt u are notin bt a sadist.chaaiii I pity Aisha cos she don’t kW she have a poison as a Frend.

  6. Its alright I understand why u did that, at times life could be unfair. Besides the fact that u want to partake in the man’s wealth u need the baby cos he will add to ur happiness in time to come & I personally consider it unforgivable crime to get ride of the baby. But I think u should handle ur friend with care and love, pls don’t be a burden to the family. BEST WISHES.

  7. Its alright I understand the Reason for ur action, At times life could be unfair. Besides the fact that u wish to partake in the man’s wealth u need to keep the baby cos he would add to ur happiness in time to come & I personally believe that it is an unforgivable offence to get rid of the baby. Treat ur friend with care & love. BEST WISHES! ( mind U Am not justifying ur action).

  8. Well every comment is good and sound We give God all the glory pls go and beg Aisha for forgiveness and i believe she will forgive you and once she forgive you you are free and pls dont have evil thought in mind just pray to God to give you a new life again that is what you need what has happened has happened from #fristson#

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