Tips for Girls: How to Show a Guy You Like Him

For some reason women think that men don’t have to be shown that we like them. They are just automatically supposed to know these things, and we get mad when he doesn’t catch on to our cues. Well, just like us, sometimes men need that extra push to really take the hint. Try out these 15 easy ways to show a guy you like him- ways that will actually get his attention and let him KNOW.
1. Be Interested in Him

Because obviously when you’re showing signs of interest in someone, it means you like them- right? But don’t just do it in a friendly way. Try to pay MORE attention to HIM then you do anyone else. Ask him questions to find out more about him and talk to him often so you can get the most information possible.


2. Use Positive Body Language

This goes hand in hand with being interested him- but taking it one step further. Positive body language is an absolute must when trying to show a guy you like them. Some things you should always consider:

-Try to always be facing him and leaning towards him during the conversation, giving him your full undivided attention.

-Eye contact is absolutely important and should be done often. Of course, you should break the eye contact every once in awhile to avoid awkward situations.

-Try to refrain from folding your arms or doing any nervous habits like biting fingernails or twitching.

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