Tips for Girls: How to Show a Guy You Like Him

3. Smile Often

Want to know one thing that drives men crazy? A woman’s smile. And nothing says “Hey, I like you” like a nice, warm, pretty smile. Smile at your crush as much as possible. When he catches you staring at him, smile, blush and look away. When he looks at you and YOU take notice, give him a nice welcoming smile. Smile during conversations and you can even throw in smiley faces on your text messages!


4. Text Him

In this day and age, at least half of our communication is done through text messages. I mean, they are SO handy and you don’t have to use your voice (which is awesome for people who are insanely nervous and lose their words when they’re around their crush). Don’t be afraid to be the first one to send a text message. Surprisingly enough, that’s a sure fire way to tell him you’re interested in him. You’re not bothering him- send him a cute hello text, but make sure to spruce it up so he doesn’t think you’re boring.

5. Call Him

With text messaging being so insanely popular, nobody hardly finds time to actually call someone on the phone anymore. So, you call him- now what? You actually took the time out of your day to pick up the phone and ring him up. You want to actually TALK to him and hear his voice. That says A LOT. The next time you’ve got some free time on your hands, give him a call. (You know you want to hear his sexy voice anyways).

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