Tips for Girls: How to Show a Guy You Like Him

6. Flirt With Him

What better way to show someone you’re interested than by flirting? I think we can all agree that that’s the number 1 sign of interest. So, obviously, flirt with him as much as possible. You can do a bit of teasing flirting (you know, like we all did back in grade school) or you can make a flirtatious joke. Or you can go the easy route and come up with a compliment you know he’d love to hear!


7. Compliments

Okay, I know I just mentioned this in the “Flirting” section- but I feel compliments are SO important that they deserve their own column. Compliments should be done often- whether you’re in person, talking through text messages, or sending a letter. It’s the best and easiest way to flirt. Why? Because you don’t have to sit there and come up with something super unique and exciting. A simple, “Hey Josh you look really good today” is enough to please a man. (Of course feel free to spice it up if that’s what you have in your mind!)

8. Ask Him If He’s Single

When you just want to be friends with someone, there is really no point is asking if they have a partner or not. I mean, why should you care? You’re not interested in anything romantic and if they DO have a girlfriend you will certainly find out in the mean time. That being said, asking him if he is in fact single lets him know that you have certain intentions that can only be fulfilled if he is single. So go ahead- be a bit risky and ask him this particular question!

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