Top 6 Easy Ways To Attract Your Own Husband

Here are some simple ways to get him noticing u again:
1. Dress to Impress Him
I know that most men likes natural look, but keep it fresh and try to look nice for your man every now and then. I can bet that each and every one of you have something sexy in your closet that you can bring out, even if it’s not a special occasion. Not only does it feel great to look stunning, your husband will also be all over you.
2. Cleanliness
Think of how you attracted your husband in the beginning of your relationship! You were clean, showered often, and Im sure you sprayed lots perfume! See where it got you! He promised to spend the rest of his life with you, so keep yourselves smelling nice. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Don’t fail to use the deodorant. Please, wear perfume.
3. Body Maintenance
Keep your fingernails and your toes looking well maintained. If you can’t afford getting to the salon to get your usual manicure/pedicure, do it yourself. Also, shave those hairs on your legs
Tip: while making your nails, the color red symbolizes passion and love..
Just incase you’re thinking of attracting him in that way.
4. Adjust your Nagging Attitude.
When your husband doesn’t do something that you wanted him to do, be quiet about it. Before you say something, think about it first and think about how you can say it gently. Trust me, this is a tactic that works well. Trust me, Men don’t ask for too much. They hate nagging wives, so if you’re a nagger, try to adjust.
5. Have Confidence
Confidence is attractive. Even your husband can see your confidence shining through you. Be confident in yourself, in him, and in your marriage. When I say confident, I mean you should trust yourself and also trust him.
Don’t talk trash about your own husband with your friends.
You need to be confident of his character. Confidence also means you don’t question his motives, you don’t get angry at him for looking at other women. After-all, you look at other men, he probably is, too. So, get over it. There are other pretty women out there, too. So, the sooner you believe in yourself and in him, the sooner you can walk day to day in a confidence that attracts him and others as well.
6. Give Him Sex
Don’t go a long time without sex. Men are like animals. The truth is, if you don’t give it to them, they’re probably going to get it somewhere else. And when they do, you can’t put all of the blame on them.
I understand that you may have busy lives, you maybe tired, and you may not be in the mood. But when you don’t give your husband something that he so desperately needs, then you’re only giving him a reason to look elsewhere.
Your marriage is far more important than any other relationship because once your marriage falls apart, most likely everything else will, too. So, nurture your marriage, make time for each other, then everything else will fall into place.

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