Guide on How to Read Body Language of Men

It’s not always about what someone says. In fact, most of the time it’s a person’s body language that tells the full story: what they’re after, what they’re intentions are- basically, what they are thinking. But it can be kinda tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Quit second guessing yourself and decode the man in your life with this simple guide on how to read body language of men.


The First Meeting:

  • He Leans in Towards You: When someone faces towards you and has their entire body leaning in towards you, it’s a clear sign that they are interested. Even if the two of you aren’t talking yet, if he’s leaning your way and has his face, shoulders, and stomach in your direction, you can take that as a sign he is checking you out.
  • He Raises His Eyebrows: Now, you’ll have to be quick if you want to catch this signal. Men will raise their eyebrows (without knowing it!) immediately when they see a woman they find attractive. But this eyebrow raise happens in a split second- so make sure you’re on your guard. (If he keeps raising his eyebrows at you and pairs it with a devilish grin, he probably has some other intentions on his mind of the X-rated variety).
  • His Toes Are Pointed Towards Each Other: Whether the two of you are just flirting from across the room or engaging in a conversation, pay attention to what his feet are doing. If his toes are pointed in towards each other, it’s a sign that he is feeling a little nervous and unconfident. If this is the case, give him a bit of reassurance so he can sit back and relax. After all, you had your eye on him for quite some time- he has no need to be nervous- and you should definitely let him know.
  • A Soft Smile: They say that a smile can say a lot about a person and how they’re feeling- it’s almost as if they can speak a million words without a single whisper- and this couldn’t be truer. While a grin off to the side may mean he’s a playful fellow only looking for a good time, a soft smile that doesn’t show too much emotion or teeth means he is definitely interested in you but he doesn’t want to show it. He might be on the shy side and doesn’t want to go overboard with how he’s feeling too soon.
  • His Legs Are Spread Apart: There’s no other way to put this than “he wants you”. He finds you crazily attractive and wants to be intimate with you. Guys do it without thinking, but if you notice your guy standing with his legs apart while talking to you, he’s certainly into you.
  • Eye Contact: We’ve all done that playful eye game: you look at him, he catches you looking, you blush, he smiles and turns away (and vice versa). If you notice the two of you playing this flirty game, he’s definitely interested. And when you DO finally start chatting, his eye contact will become more focused and last longer.

eyes contact

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