22 Early Warning Signs Of a Bad Boyfriend – Ladies, This is for You!

#21 He blows hot and cold.

He’s moody and unpredictable. Sometimes he talks about anything at all, and at other times, he snaps at you for asking too many questions. He gets angry each time you prod deeper about his work or his day after he answers your questions in monosyllables or nods.

He blows hot and cold all the time, depending on his moods, and you have to tiptoe around him in fear because you just don’t know how to behave around him.

#22 He doesn’t respect you. This is the biggest warning sign of a bad boyfriend that you need to keep an eye on. You value something only when you respect it. But if your boyfriend doesn’t respect you, and treats you like you need him but he doesn’t need you, it’s only a matter of time before he starts treating you like dirt, and you’d start feeling like it too!

It’s not easy to notice these warning signs of a bad boyfriend when you’re deeply in love with your man. But if something doesn’t feel right in your romance, keep these signs in mind and they’ll help you make the right decision.

By Amelie Lee, Lovepanky

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